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Selling more than Tickets at your Madrigal Dinner

Updated: Jan 15

You can sell more than a ticket to your Madrigal Dinner. During the evening, you can also sell items (like crowns, soaps, or candles) that help create the atmosphere but also raise more funds. Here are just a few ideas.

Items that you can sell at your Madrigal Dinner

A Flower for your Sweetheart?

Young peddlers can walk the rows of tables offering patrons a chance to buy their sweetie (or child, or parent) a flower to show their affection. There's usually a local vendor who is willing to donate flowers in exchange for advertising. Keep it low-key. "Cost is whatever you have to give, sir." Most understand it's a fundraiser and will be generous. It's simple, it's sweet, and it has a nice profit margin.

Royal Bling!

The cast dresses up for the night, but families underestimate how much younger siblings also enjoy the costume-play. Easy, handmade crowns, sashes, mini-shields, kerchiefs, or swords (sell at your own risk to 5 year old boys) are fun little props that include the audience in the night of time-transportation.

One Groat per Word

You can also offer to hire a page to deliver messages from one table to another, or to recite a short poem for a certain person, or a personal favorite, send a Shakespearean pick-up line. Some examples might be: "Hear ye, Hear ye: Lord Johnson doth say of Lady Johnson per the muse Shakespeare, 'Oh beauty, Till now I never knew thee.'" (Henry VIII). Or "Announcing the words of Lady Thompson to Lord Thompson, 'I'll smother thee with kisses!'" (Venus & Adonis).

There are many opportunities to sell more than tickets at your madrigal dinner; you just have to find what fits your group. So discuss with your students and parent volunteers and see how you can make this event madrigal gold.

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