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Apps to Make Selling Tickets Simple

Updated: 1 day ago

Still using a scroll and quill to record ticket sales to your event? There’s an easier way with the right APP. Many apps and ticket selling platforms make purchasing seats to your madrigal dinner as simple as smithing a hairpin.

Going to electronic ticketing has several advantages. First, you save on printing costs if they buy the ticket online. Second, once they’ve purchased the ticket, they’ve committed to the event. None of that, “Yeah, sure, we’ll try to come.” And finally, because you’re providing a meal, online sales give a pretty accurate account of the number you need to feed.

Here are just a few platforms out there.

Ticketing apps for a Madrigal Dinner


Ludus was first started by a director who was looking for an easier way to sell tickets online. The platform is pretty easy to use and seems to be popular with theater people we have talked to. What's nice is that Ludus let's you upload your own seating chart for ticket sales. It's 5% + $0.75 / ticket, and you can pass the credit card processing fee onto the patron. It's a nice option if you are just doing one annual dinner a year.

Arts People

Although not personally familiar, it is a more well-known nonprofit ticketing software. What's nice is that it has marketing and database capabilities, so you can keep track of loyal patrons and build your audience base from year to year, if you are doing more events than just one madrigal dinner a year. Perhaps you can invite the same guests to your spring jazz dinner or choir concert and keep them coming back.


Made specifically for schools, theaters, dance studios, etc. it's supposed to have low transaction fees and is very user friendly. It also has the ability to scan tickets at the door and sell last minute tickets like a box office experience.

Eventbrite (Honorable Mention)

Many people have heard of and used this one. It's pretty user-friendly, goes great with social media, and easy to market online. However, recently, the fee per ticket plus credit card processing fee has gone up, which has made it a little pricier to use.

So, no longer do you have to depend on servants and wax-sealed scrolls for your big dinner. Do a quick Google search and let the 21st century make your night a little less medieval.

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