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How to Keep Track of Projects (Without Losing Your Mind)

Updated: Jan 19

Building stages, 200 desserts, choir rehearsals, printing tickets, ay-yai-yai! How do you keep all this straight? If you’re like me and write reminders on your hand, you could end up with some nice ink sleeves. But don’t worry; there are better ways (though none are quite as stylish). Technology can help you keep things straight:

(Note: we are not affiliated with or benefit from promoting these platforms in any way. These companies don’t know we exist. We just liked using them).

Apps for Communicating with your Cast and Crew


This is a simple to-do list and task management app. You can sort tasks into categories, set due dates and reminders, and share your lists with others. It also allows you to split tasks up into sub-tasks and sort things into priority levels (to help you know what to tackle first!). Plus, it makes a cheery *ding* when you complete a task that gives you a surprising dopamine hit.

If you have a team to coordinate, has a *free* worktable where you can create projects, assign tasks and due dates to teammates, and comment on the progress of each category. It’s great to see the big picture of the production tasks and how everything is progressing, and it’s a single platform for your team to communicate on. Plus, it’s pretty.


The free version is sufficient when coordinating with your production team and/or volunteers. Create channels between teams to talk and organize together, have 1:1 huddles, and communicate on the progress of each project (i.e., “The tablecloths arrived.” or “Tickets are getting printed tomorrow; who is going to pick them up?”). Plus, it integrates with other apps like Google Calendar, Todoist, Zoom, and more.

There are a lot of moving pieces with a Madrigal Dinner, but in the digital age, you can find ways to coordinate easily. These are only a few of the options out there. Pick what works for you, and make this easier for everyone.

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