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How to Build Faux-tastic Castle Walls

Updated: Jan 19

Whether you are doing your madrigal dinner in a school cafeteria, gymnasium, or renting a conference room, you have a lot of work to do to transform your space into a banquet hall, especially if there’s no place to hang a backdrop. Luckily, big slabs of castle walls cover a multitude of sins. So, let's not take those set pieces for granite.

Build castle walls for your Madrigal Dinner set.

One way to build the wall is by gluing pink foam pieces on top of a back piece of foam and then carving the pieces to give it that nice stone-cut look. It gives you a lot more control and gives the piece more heft and depth. It's also a set you can build indoors if it is winter! Here's a great tutorial:

If you want a more durable set piece or your school doesn't have any storage, and it won’t fit in the janitor's closet, this is a way to make walls out of old pallets. Much more durable and, for the most part, cheap to make! This castle piece can endure some feudal traffic:

Another option for transforming your dining hall is wall hangings. Our blog about making wizard wall hangings for your Medieval Dinner is helpful for simple sets that really enhance any venue.

Stone walls cover a lot of space and give a lot of transformation magic to even the dullest cafeteria. And they can be used from year to year. So crack out your carving tools and paint and craft some authentic 14th-century pink foam walls.

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