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Becoming a Wizard at Wall Hangings

Updated: Jan 19

Some of us do our high school madrigal dinners in a gymnasium . . . which doesn't really scream "royal banquet hall." Let me guess: there are more basketball hoops than a legal game requires and a whole lot of beige walls ordained with caged light switches, outlets, and media plates.

Luckily, wall hangings cover a multitude of sins (the sins, in this case, being the INSANE amount of light switches in the place), and with a little fabric magic, you can take even the drabbest gym and bibbidi bobbidi banner it up.

Wall Hangings for your Madrigal Dinner

Ye Olde Rules

This DIY from the Crafty Gentleman is a simple project on which you can put one or two of your students. You can display the rules of etiquette for the evening or the official announcements of the king. Either way, three or four of these long hanging scrolls serve to display information and hide those pesky light switches. They are easy to make, and they can be used year after year.

Banner (not Bruce)

This little art project ranks E for easy because the company graciously sells the nylon mini flags and paint that you need to make the banners. These would look good around equipment posts or any ceiling details that you need to cover. These are affordable, easy to make, and they can easily be stored and used next year.

Don't Make Me Yarn

This yarn hanging by Designing Vibes rightly calls it the "Stupid Easy Yarn Wall-Hanging." If you’re really struggling in the budget but need a quick fix, this could work. Yarn is so cheap, this project is so simple, and it's definitely something you can put a volunteer group on.

Coat of Arms (not Legs)

No banquet hall is complete without fabric hangings of the royal family's coat of arms or crest. This video is a great tutorial for how to make the basics of it. (He's making a war banner, which might be fun too). But these banners can be large, colorful, and did we mention large? It's a fantastic way to cover a lot of wall space with color and flourish.

Go forth and wage war on those light switches and basketball hoops. May you be ever victorious in transforming your modern multipurpose center into a true Medieval work of art.

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