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Hanging Fabric, Creating Magic

Updated: Jan 19

If you are hosting your madrigal dinner at your school, you are looking at transforming a gym or cafeteria space with the few farthings and halfpenny that is your budget. Luckily, fabric can go a long way to conceal the modern and give your space elegance.

Ceiling Drapery at your Madrigal Dinner

That’s where ceiling drapery comes in. It’s the fireworks of event planners because not only does it cover blemishes, but with some satin and lighting, it can be the crown of your dinner scenery.

Royal Wedding with Ceiling Drapery

If you have a drop ceiling, the draping is SUPER easy to install with C-hooks or carabiners and some zip-ties. It's an easy-in, easy-out install with NO damage to the ceiling. Check out this video to see how it is done. (Disclaimer: we like the video as an instruction video only. We have NO experience with the company who produced it NOR their DIY Ceiling Drapery rentals.)

You’ll need to be aware of sprinkler systems and emergency exit signs to make sure those are free and clear for safety. This article walks you through how to hang drapery up to code, how to calculate how much fabric you will need, and what type of lightweight fabric works best for hanging.

What color schemes would work best? Here are some nice color swatches to help you bring it all together.

So, while you may not have the budget for mounted elk heads and roll-in stone fireplaces to make the room feel authentic, a little sheer gold and burgundy fabric cascading from the ceiling can make any venue feel stately. You can incorporate wall hangings in the same color schemes as well for an added touch of elegance.

Just make sure you keep those sprinkler systems clear. And you’ll have to live with the exit signs. But with the splash of elegance, the audience won’t notice. Trust me.

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