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Classy Centerpieces For Your Jazz Dinner

Updated: Jan 21

Decorating for a Jazz Dinner has limitless possibilities to make your event pop. And one of the more essential pieces for the table is the centerpieces. Centerpieces can also be practical, providing snacks or treats and entertainment for guests in between scenes.

Classy Centerpieces for your jazz dinner.

Eye-Catching Centerpieces

Feathers are iconic visuals for the 1920s, whether feather boas or the plume on a flapper’s headdress. Feathers also make for gorgeous centerpieces. For instance, check out this DIY video: an Eiffel Tower vase, submersible LED lights, water beads, and feathers make for a grand centerpiece.

Another crowd-pleaser is using a wine or martini glass with mini-submersible LED lights. Fill the glass with colorful, see-through dice, and then top it off with water. In dim lighting, this centerpiece is incredibly gorgeous.

Wine glass with dice and lights for a Jazz Dinner Centerpiece

And finally, what’s the Roarin’ 20s without pearls? As you have probably picked up on at wedding receptions, the doubling effect of a mirror makes for enchanting centerpieces. Take a round or square mirror and three wine glasses for this one. Flip the glasses upside down over some large, stray pearls and the flowers of red roses (to make the pearls pop). The roses can either be natural or synthetic. Then, drape strings of pearls around the mirror for full effect.

Wine glasses over roses make for great jazz dinner centerpieces

Appetizing Centerpieces

Your centerpieces can be both appealing and appetizing. Take these edible centerpieces, for instance. One simple example is to replace the traditional breadbasket with Italian breadsticks in a wine or champagne glass.

Breadsticks in a jar are great appetizers for your jazz dinner

Consider an orange pillar at each table for a bright, beautiful centerpiece. Take an elevated fruit bowl or cake stand and stack clementines in a tower. This provides a zesty snack before the show and adds a citrus aroma to the room.

Make a tower of oranges for jazz dinner centerpieces

A glass vase or mason jar full of pistachios gives your speakeasy a rustic feel. Pistachios are healthy and hearty. Provide little bowls around the pistachio jar to toss empty shells, and you’re golden.

Pistachios in a jar make a yummy centerpiece for a jazz dinner

Entertaining Centerpieces For Your Dinner Theater

Let your guests enjoy some classic games before your Jazz Dinner begins. And what could be more traditional than poker? Take a fishbowl vase and fill the bottom with bright poker chips. Then, take a box of cards and secure them in the center of the bowl, or take a few cards and fan them within the bowl.

Jazz dinner centerpiece with poker cards and poker chips.

Another option is off-brand Bananagrams. Stock a mason jar or large vase with Scrabble tiles. Then, provide the rules of Bananagrams for those who haven’t played, and let the games begin!

Make a game of bananagrams as a jazz dinner centerpiece

Another timeless pastime is reading! Use stacks of classic books with a vase of flowers or feathers on top to provide exciting and entertaining centerpieces. Here are a few titles that defined the 1920s. And don’t worry if you don’t have these books in your collection. Any fun and old-looking books will do.

A stack of books are great centerpieces of your jazz dinner

An Entertaining Dinner Theater From Table to Stage

The 1920s gives you many options for dramatic and breathtaking centerpieces. Whether decorating the table with fruit towers or showcasing a classic game in a new way, there are plenty of ways to adorn your tables while simultaneously entertaining your guests.

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