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A Script so Simple, You'll Cry (with Joy)

Updated: Jan 19

We have a soft spot for all you choir, band, and theater directors, and we are always looking for ways to make your lives easier because YOU’VE EARNED IT. What if we told you we made a script that requires minimal sets, no line memorization, and can be performed in as little as four rehearsals?


(At least, I think that’s what we heard through the computer.)

(Or a string of joyful profanities.)

But, it’s true! We've hacked the matrix. It’s called Sam Shovel, Private Eye: Tailor-Made for Murder. Fashioned after an old-time radio show, the cast is dressed in 1940’s costumes and read through the script just as if they were live, on air at a radio station.

A Simple Madrigal Dinner Script

Sam Shovel, Private Eye, is called to solve a string of murders in the fashion industry. Sam has to hustle to find the connecting thread–as the closer she gets, the more danger her life is in. This script will keep the audience in stitches until Sam sews things up.

Minimal props and lighting plan are involved, and no sound effects (except those made by the Sound Effects person!). And like we said, there are no sets except for the chairs, microphones, music stands for the actors, and something to indicate a radio station.

Trust us, we’ve done two of these shows as fundraisers now, and they were a hit. We did one read-through, two rehearsals, and one dress rehearsal–and we were ready for performances! It was honestly the easiest gig we’ve done in our 25+ years of directing, and with all the work you have been putting into your program, you deserve one bunny show!

And, if you are looking for an easy way to sell tickets, we have a few suggestions for you. There are many ticketing platforms that make selling tickets and promoting your show simple. Check them out here.

Ready to use your detective's voice? Check out Sam Shovel: Private Eye here. But we warn you, once you get a taste of the setless life, you might have a hard time going back to regular theater!

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