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5 Reasons to Perform a Live Radio Show

If you are looking for an alternative to a classic Madrigal Dinner or Jazz Dinner, we have the solution for you. This type of performance requires minimal sets, easy costuming, and half the rehearsal time of a typical Madrigal Dinner.

Hosting a live, old-time radio show is a simple and exciting way to jumpstart your drama season. They are becoming very popular as an alternative to a dinner theater or traditional stage play.

Here are five reasons a live radio show should be your next drama performance.

#1 No memorizing lines

It doesn’t matter if you give actors a deadline to be off-book; there will always be one or two actors who struggle with lines, even in production week. And that stresses out the entire cast. But with a live radio show, the actors read from the script during the performance, just as they would on live radio. Your actors will always have their lines.

#2 Easy set

A radio studio is a breeze to put together. You will need chairs for your actors and a small section for your musicians. Add a few mics, a sound effects table, an “on air” sign, and radio station call letters, and you're set for the basics—just Google “old-time radio station” images to see how simple the set can be.

#3 Flexible casting

If you have a larger group of actors, everyone will get a speaking part. If you have a small group of actors, many roles can be doubled. The flexibility of a live radio show makes it easy to have a show, no matter what size cast you have.

#4 Fewer rehearsals

Yes, you read that right. Traditional plays and dinner theaters require rehearsals for blocking, entrances and exits, and movement on stage. However, a radio show is mostly an auditory performance, so it takes half the rehearsal time.

#5 Stress-free replacements

If you’ve ever had an actor drop out or had an actor get sick at the last minute, you know the stress of figuring out a replacement. Because the cast doesn’t have to memorize lines, a couple of read-throughs will be enough to get the new cast member up to speed. This is the biggest advantage of performing a live radio show.

Ready to put on the easiest performance of your career? Check out our Sam Shovel, Private Eye series, and let the broadcasting begin.

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