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Script Runtime: 30-35 minutes

Cast: 4 Males, 6 Females, and 2‐5 Extras M/F


The Steward of the castle is not happy. For years, he has been trying to get the Chamberlain’s Men, headed by that rising playwright Shakespeare, to perform for the King. Instead, the Jester persuaded the King to hire another troupe: Johnnie Lumley and his Learned Players. The Steward notes the last time someone recommended a substandard play for the King, he and his actors ended up in the dungeon. Jester, now unsure, looks in on rehearsals and finds, to his horror, that the actors are members of his aunt’s sewing circle—and they can’t act at all. The Jester has a long night ahead of him—and, perhaps, a longer time in prison.

Tragedy of Orpheus – a Comedy

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