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Script Runtime: 30-35 minutes

Cast: 6 Males, 5 Females, 2 M/F, and Extras M/F


The King’s foreign minister is a terrible liar, and his Christmas thank you notes are a disaster. So the King holds a tournament to find out who can tell the best lie. Meanwhile, Peter Piper, from a place called Poppycock with a pittance of a population, has decided to seek his fortune. He’s a pauper, you know. In order to perform a good deed for an unusual woman he meets, he must find (among other things) a holly flower that blooms when a yeti hits puberty, a newborn lamb with two clefts in its right front hoof, and an answer to a riddle for a very large elf. When Peter tells his story to the King, all we can say is that truth is sometimes better than lies.

Perfect Lie (Christmas Version)

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