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Shakespeare Shorts

You bring the actors. We bring the laughter.

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What ARE Shakespeare Shorts?

They're Shakespeare's classics for those with a short attention span! We wrote each to be performed under 15 minutes (all high schoolers breathe a sigh of relief), and the result has been quite comical, if we do say so ourselves.

What do I do with them?

Anything you'd like! They can be a short filler for your Madrigal dinner, performed as outdoor street shows, or combined together for a play fundraiser.

--They have been performed at The Minnesota and Edinburgh Fringe festivals.


--They have been performed at Renaissance Faires for tips!


Shakespeare Shorts are flexible and entertaining - even Billy himself would be proud!  

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Why do OUR Shakespeare Shorts?

As two high school teachers with English degrees, we have the utmost reverence for the Bard. Still, we wanted to have some fun. For anyone who survived high school English, you'll appreciate these.

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So, Now What?

Art thou ready to partake in revelry?

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