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Madrigal Dinners

You bring the music. We bring the laughter.

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What is a
Madrigal Dinner?

A Madrigal Dinner is a popular dinner theater, often performed in the Christmas season. This event is Renaissance-themed, serves a three-course meal, and features a choir performance and a comedic masque. Many music departments, community theatres, and religious groups use Madrigal Dinners as annual fundraisers.

Why do a Madrigal Dinner?

In a land of fundraising fatigue, a Madrigal Dinner is fun and unique because:

  • You can showcase your program's talents. Celebrate music, drama, and art all in one event.

  • This event builds an annual following with broad appeal in the community.

  • Family and friends are guaranteed to come. 

  • There's food. And fundraisers that include food are exponentially more successful.

  • Everyone gets to dress up in Renaissance garb without getting strange looks.

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Why do OUR Madrigal Dinners?

We've been writing scripts for Madrigals, Renaissance faires, and stage performances for over 27 years -- and we've directed many of the events ourselves! We know what it's like, and we've got your back. That's why we focus on entertaining scripts that keep your audience laughing and coming back for more.

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So, Now What?

Ready to transport your audience back to the Renaissance?

Never Done This Before?

Not to worry! We have a book to get you started!

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