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Jazz Dinners

You bring the music. We bring the laughter.

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What is a
Jazz Dinner?

A Jazz Dinner is a dinner theater typically set in the 1920's - 1940's. You can serve a meal or just appetizers throughout the course of the night. This event features jazz music, singing, and a comedy show. Often held in the spring, it's a favorite annual fundraiser for band and music groups.

Why do a Jazz Dinner?

Still traumatized when you hear "candy bar fundraiser"? Then it's time to consider something different. Here's why Jazz Dinners are for you:

  • Showcase your program's talents. Celebrate music, drama, and art all in one event.

  • Fedoras, feather boas, sequins on everything but the forks! The costuming ALONE makes this a FUNdraiser.

  • Family and friends are guaranteed to come. Your mob contacts will sell the rest of the tickets.

  • Many have never attended a Jazz Dinner before, so you are guaranteed to be the talk of the town.

  • This event will build an annual following with broad appeal in the community.


Why do OUR Jazz Dinners?

Market scarcity: We might be the only ones out there writing Jazz Dinner scripts! We've been writing scripts for over 27 years -- and directed many ourselves! We know what it's like, and we've got your back. This is a breakout event for anyone looking for something new.

Ready to open your own dry speakeasy?

Never Done This Before?

Not to worry! We have a book to get you started!

So, Now What?

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