Follow Me in Merry Measure

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The holiday season is starting to weigh on everyone, and if the Queen hears one more Christmas carol, it will be too soon. To make matters worse, the Baroque Chorale needs money (which they raise by singing carols) for their show choir trip. The Steward wants them gone, so he recruits a no-name servant girl, Sofia, to infiltrate the choir and destroy it from within. Sofia, however gets pulled in and becomes a believer in all things show choir. This lighthearted send-up to show choirs is sure to please both choir alumni and the uninitiated general public.

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“Last year we did Kissing the Blarney Stone, the year before that we did Follow Me In Merry Measure, and the year before that was Bob Bados. They were all terrific! We love your scripts!” -LeAnne Johnson, Webb School of Knoxville

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